Ignorance is bliss but knowledge is power…

Sometimes everything just looks clear to me and I wonder why our stupid politian’s and the society we have built keep on failing us!

Last night I had a parent’s meeting at my daughters school. I was truly blown away by what she has achieved in just a few weeks, the caring attitude of her teachers and the effort made by the school to make the building a fun and functionable place to be.

Then I woke up today and heard an idea on the Dutch Journal (news) that I feel has to be a serious thought for our future generations to consider, if not our immediate self’s!

Of course it would have to come from those clever Dutch people!

Apparently several Old people’s homes in Holland are struggling to fill their rooms and are considering renting them out to student’s at the local college and university. Which to my mind just has to be a win win situation (of course my husbands first reaction was ‘well that’s great for the hung-over student – he just rings a bell and requests the best medicinal recovery plan; intravenus drip!’) I on the other hand thought of the wisdom our elderly have to pass on to the young, the joy they would get from being close to the action rather than swept into a corner, plus the opportunity for our youth to regain its respect for not just the greying population but for those who care for them.

As a parent the future of my child is a constant process in my mind of excitement, anticipation, fear and concern. I have very clever parents, one inparticular who could rant all day about the history of our world, what to repeat and what best not to repeat! The thought of my daughter sharing not just accommodation but the company and lifestyle rich in knowledge with a variety of ages I would applaud.

And what OAP wouldn’t want to see this sort of Art project up on their wall?By Abby age 6 ‘The Butterfly’


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