Here I am…

2014-07-26 15.41.53 - Copy I’ve just spent a bit more time rocking in the real world.  Not easy but worthwhile people and goals never are, and I am all about the challenge.

I’ll be off now to spend a bit of time with some wonderful friends down in hotter than hot Spain. When I get back it’s going to be all about the wawa bla bla.

For now here’s a hot little beat, passed on to me from a very positive person. Forget the mind and let the body move ;)




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Things are going to change round here…

…and I’ll let you know more when I find my right mind. 2014-06-05 11.57.37OK that sounds just a little bit too dramatic for a bright sunny Monday morning. But the header is for real. The words don’t seem to be coming out at the moment. Instead my head is full of images. Most likely a good time to hit the canvas. I’ll be back soon ;)

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Personal Jesus…

2014-05-30 14.12.14Every now and then I flirt with the ideologies of religion. Then I wake up and realise if I don’t have faith in myself then how can I in others? I am the religion and I am my personal Jesus. But it has to be said may God give strength to all those around me! Halleluja to my friends. Often you are my saviour. You know who you are and I thank you.

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What’s in a kiss…

Absolutely everything if you want to keep the fire burning. Time for the old cliche I’m afraid… ‘practice does make perfect’ and doing it will only make you want to do it more ;)

I have a good friend coming over this weekend to party! And Lord give my body the strength to cope because, due to her single status, I am sure she will be looking out for a good kisser! Have a great weekend y’all.



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It ain’t always easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is!

A little over 20 years ago I met a very special man (well actually he was a boy! We were both still kids!). 10 years ago on 4th June I woke up on my wedding day and married him. 2014-06-04 09.22.05

I never doubt that decision, but I would be a liar if I wasn’t to admit sometimes questioning the whole concept of marriage and its confinement’s toward the instinct of human nature.

There is absolutely NO perfect couple and there is NO perfect life. Religion and media might wish us to believe differently, but it is a false hope that guarantees only failure.

Marriage is like work. Get up each morning and work at it. The harder you work the more you get out of it. Sometimes I am darn right lazy and other times I do overtime!

Albert Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

It might seem odd to quote a man who helped make the atom bomb when talking ‘love’ but I honestly believe entering a marriage is a rather insane act that should only be done once.

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The Beautiful People…

2014-05-31 21.09.15…that is who I have been hanging out with for most of my weekend. Ania, probably the most beautiful looking person I know, turned 30 and invited us to rave up on an impressive terrace overlooking Warsaw’s iconic Palace of Culture. Albeit some moments remain a blur, I can confirm it was a very stylish do.

One specific memory I do have is the arrival of several hunks who play for the Warsaw Eagles along with the birthday girls husband. Until that moment American Football had never really occurred to me. But after a cosy chat with one of the many coaches I had a handful of tickets for Sunday’s match at the Polonia Stadium.

2014-06-02 08.59.51Surprising to some, who helped me leave the party, I did make it to the game and continued my weekend theme of surrounding myself with ALOT of beautiful people! I never knew so many men could be on the pitch at one time and how bendy those cheerleaders really are? And guess who (sort of) caught the ball thrown into the crowd… Yep I am now the proud owner of a Warsaw Eagles ball signed by all the hotties I met the previous evening ;)

Thank you very much Ania & Tim.

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Uwaga Warsaw !

I recommend you Play as you read. It will help you understand my weekend mode!

If I did not know myself better I would read back on earlier posts, compare my previous emotional outbursts with the revved up state I am in now and say; hell girl you are seriously bipolar! But other than the designer name stitched into the perfect little black dress hanging ready for the party I’ll be at tomorrow night – I don’t do labels!

I will be celebrating a friends departure from the 20’s! My intention is to help her swagger gracefully (if that is possible on Long Island Ice teas and endless shots?) into her 30th year! 2014-05-30 10.08.02Of late it could be said I have experienced reckless teenage emotional tendencies now and then, but begrudgingly I have to admit that my body has physically matured at the going pace of human life!  Preparing myself to hang out with such young folk is a challenge. I intend to stick to the rules; 1 x LBD + killer heels and sexy hair = Female Ready to Rock! Add an ego boosting tune whilst putting on some slap and all that’s left to be said is, get ready Warsaw! Forget the Wolf, look out for the Cougar ;)

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