3The physical, emotional and spiritual process I experience whilst bringing up my own daughter means I am faced with alot of looking in the mirror. Every time I do this it makes me understand you just that little bit more. So I guess all that needs to be said is Well done and thank you so far.

“We need people in our lives with whom we can be as open as possible. To have real conversations with people may seen like such a simple, obvious suggestion, but it involves courage and risk”  Thomas Moore

Happy Birthday!


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NeSpoon turns 5 !

P1050017 (2)I find it quite amazing how some people can reinvent themselves, slam the door firmly shut on a negative past and go full throttle into the unknown with a renewed positivity.

NeSpoon is my proof. 5 years ago she did exactly that, kissed goodbye to a 9-5 lifestyle and forged her way into the very ‘snooty’ and ‘clicky world of the Arts.

She embraced her dreams and passions, stood aside from her vulnerability and let her beautiful artwork speak for itself.

She is self-taught and considers the streets to be her gallery.

Only the good and brave dare to do that and if you ask me there is no better platform to showcase your work. It is the place where the whole world can stop, notice and appreciate it for free. She says herself ‘I am now on the right side of life’

My daughter makes me play this piece of music, composed by Michael Kamen, every day on the school run. Today I would like to dedicate it to NeSpoons 5th Re-birth-day, because she is a sort of Robin Hood; one who takes the streets from the rich and gives her Art to the poor.

I look forward to celebrating with you tomorrow ;)

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Fuck the Poor!

P1060654I went to bed feeling quite depressed about the death of Peaches Geldof. Not that I knew her of course, but just that it seems the more money and comfort these ‘celebrities’ have the less happy they are with their lot!

I was woken abruptly this morning by the Straz Miejska (Street Patrol) bellowing a morning wake-up call through a loud megaphone to some poor homeless chap! He had bedded down for the night, on his cardboard mattress, under a tree next to our apartment block. I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the guy who was scrabbling about for his papers to prove his identity! I wondered if he had had all the booze and drugs money can buy, would he have wanted to numb the pain of another night in the cold and blissfully intoxicate himself for ever more?

images 2I then scrolled down my FB page and my eye fell on a photo of a chap trying to highlight the issue of societies huge divide between rich and poor – he’d given up with slogans  like ‘help those less fortunate than you‘ and plunged for the eye catching ‘fuck the poor‘ so far it was working!

Moral of my thoughts according to myself… Keep my focus local. The bigger picture media paints is so daunting how the hell can us humans be expected to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders when it can be bad enough on our doorstep! Here goes another day staying ‘high’ in paradise ;)

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‘Dreaming to be someone else is a waste of who you are’ Kurt Cobain

2014-04-04 09.48.1620 years is a long time, ask my husband (we met in 1994!). But great things get better as I age and the sound of Kurt Cobain with Nirvana is no exception.

Tomorrow, 5th April 2014, it will be 20 years since his death. Yet the music keeps going on and I have no doubt will impact on my daughter’s emotions and being as much as it still does to mine.

Kurt Cobain once said ‘it is the duty of youth to challenge corruption’ if she likes this music and genius lyrics as much as I do then she has my full support and permission to be a rebel toward the system. Life is no fun any other way! Come as you are and be Awesome ;)

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the ‘new’ me!

2014-03-29 13.09.32The old me spent all weekend lounging in a deck chair on the sprawling terrace of my favourite summer hang out, Na Lato, sipping (gulping) prosecco!

The new me has been reading about the super powers of the tomato and it’s ability to give my body a healthy reboot. Here goes day 1. Urgh :( I am not a fan of tomato juice but I shall not give up at the first hurdle. Bottoms Up.

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use ‘somebody’

oculus riftPfff if we are to believe wholeheartedly in the future of technology, then having a use for some ‘body’ or some real ‘thing’ is going to be a thing of the past!

Because, wait for it everybody, we now have the Oculus Rift!

It’s name sounds more like an embarrassing sexually transmitted disease, but with zero human contact involved you haven’t a hope in hell of catching one of those with this device!

I am all for time alone and experimentation and I can definately see this product working for prison inmates, but it will never press my buttons.

I now have a very real visual of my future with a teenage daughter sitting at the dinner table wearing her head box, living in her ‘perfect world’ whilst I get to clean up all the very ‘real’ crap around her! It’s that or I will have to succumb, get my own Oculus thing and create the perfect home with the perfect daughter and the ultimate perfect husband, that being Ryan Gosling of course ;) On that upbeat thought – have a great weekend!

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Get to know your ‘selfie’ first before you contemplate a marriage!

Brighton Beach July 2011

Brighton Beach July 2011

Sounds easy but it ain’t! And if we are totally honest, then the fact is that till our last breath is taken, we are always learning something new about ourselves, thus making it almost impossible to be 100% certain of what we really need in a partner ‘for life’.

Human nature is fickle; the brain battles constantly with the body’s cravings.

Gwyneth and Chris got divorced – so what! Now comes the great publicity for what I have to say is an awesome album. And let’s not forget GOOP! Some may say her blog is condescending but I suspect those people are just envious of her wealthy lifestyle. She does not force us to read it! However, I’m afraid to say the term ‘conscious uncoupling’ is just a smoke screen for one big fat mess.

The present trend to make selfies may not be so crazy after all? Maybe it is just one more route toward self-discovery? And depending on what the recipient does with your selfie you decide if they are worth the investment of your precious time?

I chose to get married it is a challenge! I have to take a look carefully at my selfie everyday… but that’s the kick ;)

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